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Minimal supersymmetric standard model (MSSM)

Input- and output-files for the MSSM benchmark scenarios
as defined in

MSSM Higgs Boson Searches at the LHC: Benchmark Scenarios after the
Discovery of a Higgs-like Particle
M. Carena, S. Heinemeyer, O. Stål, C.E.M. Wagner, G. Weiglein

are given in the tables below (to be used with Version ≥ 1.0.4).

Our input involves A_t, A_b and A_τ instead of X_t.
If the variables μ and/or tan(β) are thus changed, please adjust A_t, A_b (and A_τ) according to
A_t = A_b (= A_τ) = X_t + μ / tan(β).
The values of X_t are provided in the tables.

Input files as used by the LHCHXS working group:

Scenario Input Output Variation in X_t
mhmax MSSM_LHCHXS-mhmax.out M_A, tan(β) 2000GeV
mhmodp MSSM_LHCHXS-mhmodp.out M_A, tan(β) 1500GeV
mhmodm MSSM_LHCHXS-mhmodm.out M_A, tan(β) -1900GeV
lightstop MSSM_LHCHXS-lightstop.out M_A, tan(β) 1000GeV
updated lightstop
M1=340GeV, M2=mu=400GeV MSSM_LHCHXS-lightstop-updated.out M_A, tan(β) 1000GeV
lightstau1 MSSM_LHCHXS-lightstau1.out M_A, tan(β) 1600GeV
lightstau2 MSSM_LHCHXS-lightstau2.out M_A, tan(β) 1600GeV
tauphobic MSSM_LHCHXS-tauphobic.out M_A, tan(β) 3675GeV
updated tauphobic
A_tau=0GeV MSSM_LHCHXS-tauphobic-updated.out M_A, tan(β) 3675GeV
lowMH MSSM_LHCHXS-lowMH.out μ, tan(β) 3675GeV

Inspired by
The MSSM Higgs sector at a high MSUSY: reopening the low tan(β) regime and heavy Higgs searches
Abdelhak Djouadi, Jeremie Quevillon
you may find a bunch of input files in the M_A-tan(β) plane for a high scale SUSY spectrum
compatible with the light Higgs at 125GeV in zipped form here.
It is named 'lowtanb' scenario and the file names contain the values of M_A and tan(β)*10.

Input files as used in our recent study:

Towards precise predictions for Higgs-boson production in the MSSM
E. Bagnaschi, R.V. Harlander, S. Liebler, H. Mantler, P. Slavich, A. Vicini

Improvements compared to input files above: muR=muF=0.5mh for ggh, NNLO stop contributions for ggh,
Full resummation Delta_b for ggh and bbh, m_b^OS calculated from m_b(m_b) input, m_t=173.2 GeV updated

Scenario Input Output Variation in X_t
mhmax 1404.0327_mhmax.out M_A, tan(β) 2000GeV
mhmodp 1404.0327_mhmodp.out M_A, tan(β) 1500GeV
mhmodm 1404.0327_mhmodm.out M_A, tan(β) -1900GeV
updated lightstop
M1=340GeV, M2=mu=400GeV 1404.0327_lightstop.out M_A, tan(β) 1000GeV
lightstau 1404.0327_lightstau.out M_A, tan(β) 1600GeV
updated tauphobic
A_tau=0GeV 1404.0327_tauphobic.out M_A, tan(β) 3675GeV