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2019.03.28: V 1.7.0: Inclusion of SusHiMi and command-line calls of external codes.

  • SusHi now allows calculation of Higgs production cross sections
    for gluon fusion and bottom quark annihilation in the MSSM with
    explicit CP violation.
    Documentation and phenomenology described in
    Phenomenology of on-shell Higgs production in the MSSM
    with complex parameters
    Stefan Liebler, Shruti Patel, Georg Weiglein
    SusHiMi can only be used together with FeynHiggs for calculation of
    the Higgs masses and the Higgs mixing matrix.
  • ZHiggs matrix (taken from FeynHiggs) introduced also in the real MSSM.
    It is activated through Block(FEYNHIGGSFLAGS,11)=1, whereas =0
    corresponds to the application of the effective mixing angle. The
    ZHiggs matrix is not compatible with evalcsusy and thus no
    NNLO stop contributions are accessible. For bbh still the effective
    mixing angle is employed, which is thus also true for the results
    in Block BBHREWEIGHT.
  • Compatibility with FeynHiggs 2.13 and 2.14. From FH 2.12.0
    we changed the default FeynHiggs flag loglevel to 3 rather than 0.
    This setting can be changed through Block(FEYNHIGGSFLAGS,10) in
    the input file.
    We now allow to directly link in quadruple precision to FH
    through the setting "FHPRECQUAD = YES" in the Makefile of SusHi,
    which is only sensible if also FH was compiled at quadruple precision.
    This setting is needed for the calculation of Higgs masses with very heavy
    SUSY spectrum. In this case we recommend to switch off squark
    effects to gluon fusion in SusHi, since they are tiny and only
    result in numerical instabilities.
  • Bug fix in high-energy matching of the N3LO result, which could not
    be activated for the setting Block(SUSHI,20)=0.
  • Command line mode to call other codes added: This option works for 2HDMC,
    FH for the real MSSM and FlexibleSUSY+Himalaya for the real MSSM.
    For FH and 2HDMC the command-line option is activated through the
    setting Block(2HDMC/FEYNHIGGS,-1)=1. When using the command-line option
    the Makefile needs to specify the path to the code's executable,
    but SusHi can be compiled in its plain version, i.e. through "make".
    Note that for FH the command-line option yields a different result
    than the direct link to the library, since not all parameters that
    are transfered in the direct link are accessible in the SLHA files
    used in the command-line option.
    As an alternative the block EXTFILE allows to specify an external
    file obtained by a spectrum generator of your choice,
    which contains the corresponding spectrum through blocks
    ALPHA and MASS. Check the output file of SusHi to ensure that
    parameters are read in correctly.

2016.08.10: V 1.6.1: Minor improvements and bug fixes.

  • Improvements for what concerns the numerical integrations.
  • Bug in the qg- and qqbar-channel for pseudorapidity cuts fixed.
    The numerical effects are small.
  • Bug in the qqbar-channel for simultaneous pt- and rapidity-cuts fixed.
    Impact on the cross section is small.
  • Correction of an error in the perturbative running
    of DIM5 operators, minor effects on cross sections
    (thanks to Johannes Michel).
  • Compatibility with FeynHiggs 2.12.0.
  • Improvement in the Makefile.

2016.05.12: V 1.6.0: New features for the gluon-fusion cross section:
Soft expansion, N3LO contributions, 1/mtn terms at NNLO, Matching
to high-energy limit, Analytic renormalization scale variation,
Dimension-5 operators
New processes: Higgs production in the annihilation of heavy quarks

  • The new developments in V 1.6.0 are described in
    SusHi Bento: Beyond NNLO and the heavy top-limit
    Robert V. Harlander, Stefan Liebler, Hendrik Mantler
  • Implementation of soft expansion (1-x)n around the threshold
    of Higgs production x=MH2/s at NLO, NNLO and N3LO
    in the heavy-top limit.
  • Implementation of N3LO contributions to gluon fusion using the
    previously mentioned soft expansion in the heavy-top limit.
  • Implementation of 1/mtn terms to NLO and NNLO contributions
    in the heavy-top limit. Matching to the exact
    result in the limit x->0 is possible at NLO, NNLO and N3LO.
  • Implementation of Dimension-5 operators including perturbative
    and resummed running. They can be added to all Higgs bosons
    of the supported models.
  • SusHi calculates the annihilation cross section of arbitrary
    quarks up to NNLO, see:
    Higgs production in heavy quark annihilation through next-to-next-to-leading order QCD
    Robert V. Harlander
    Also pT distributions are available at lowest order.
  • SusHi performs a renormalization scale (muR) variation within a single
    run. Results for different muR are provided in an additional output file.
    The maximal and minimal deviation, serving as an estimate of the
    theoretical error on the cross section, is given in the usual output file.
  • Changed CONVENTIONS for pseudoscalar mass matrix to fit SLHA
    in the NMSSM:
    The Goldstone moved to the last position in the vector of mass
    eigenstates, such that the ordering is now (A,S,G).
  • Corrected a bug in the squark contributions to pseudoscalar
    Higgs production, minor effects for mA_i > 2*mt (thanks
    to Alessio Agostini).
  • Version numbers of the external codes (FeynHiggs, 2HDMC, etc.)
    are written to the block "SUSHIinfo" in the output file.

2015.03.01: V 1.5.0: New model NMSSM!
Added Block BBHREWEIGHT with effective couplings.
Correction of minor issues related to the squark mixing angle
in evalcsusy and the read in of negative soft-breaking masses.
Specification of stop and sbottom sector by user.

  • SusHi allows to calculate Higgs cross sections for the NMSSM.
    For details we refer to:
    Neutral Higgs production at proton colliders in the CP-conserving NMSSM
    Stefan Liebler
    In contrast to the MSSM/2HDM we do not provide a direct link
    to a spectrum generator, but the NMSSM Higgs spectrum has to
    be specified in the input file, see /example.
  • The output block BBHREWEIGHT provided for the MSSM/2HDM/NMSSM
    allows to extract the relevant couplings for reweighting
    SM cross sections for bottom-quark associated production.
  • evalcsusy accepts also squark mixing angles with cos(θ_q)<0
    (thanks to Pietro Slavich and Alessio Agostini).
  • SusHi accepts negative soft-breaking masses in the stop and
    sbottom sector (thanks to Tim Stefaniak).
  • The input files * provided for the NMSSM and MSSM
    in the folder /example allow to specify the stop and sbottom
    sector explicitly. The user is however asked to pay attention
    to the employed default renormalization scheme (see SusHi manual).

2014.11.05: V 1.4.1: Cross section calculations for large SUSY masses.
Adding FeynHiggs flags to input and output.
Changing convention for 2HDM type 3 and 4.

  • SusHi now provides reasonable cross sections also for large SUSY masses.
  • The FeynHiggs flags can be added to the input and are always
    part of the output. This in particular allows to adjust
    the flag 'looplevel' to value 3 for large SUSY masses.
  • CORRECTION OF A BUG (thanks to CMS and ATLAS!):
    The link of SusHi to 2HDMC in case of the 2HDM types
    'lepton-specific' and 'flipped' was wrong, in detail
    the two types were interchanged in the link. Now,
    type 3 always denotes the 'flipped' scenario and
    type 4 the 'lepton-specific' scenario. The 2HDM type
    conventions within SusHi therefore changed! Manual,
    example files and webpage are updated accordingly.

2014.10.07: V 1.4.0: Compatibility with LHAPDF 6.
Cross section calculations up to sqrt(s)=100TeV.
Links to HiggsBounds and HiggsSignals.

  • SusHi is now compatible with LHAPDF 6.
  • Small bug fixes allow for cross section calculations up to 100TeV.
  • SusHi now allows to link to HiggsSignals and HiggsBounds
    in case of the MSSM. Accordingly the links to compiled
    versions of HiggsBounds or HiggsSignals have to be
    provided in HBPATH/HSPATH in the Makefile.
    Afterwards type "make" together with "predef=HB" or "HS".
    Make sure that HB/HS were compiled with the same compiler.
    For now, the input of HB/HS is based on the XS calculations of FH.

2014.04.03: V 1.3.0: Implementation of
NNLO stop contributions for H/A.
Allowance of different PDF set numbers. Bug fixes.

  • Implementation of NNLO stop contributions for h/H/A
    in accordance to arXiv:1404.0327.
  • If 2HDMC entry 10 set to 1, SusHi aborts if one of
    the 2HDMC checks on unitarity, stability, perturbativity fails.
  • Allow separate PDF set number at LO, NLO, NNLO
    by specifying entries 11 (LO), 12 (NLO), 13 (NNLO) in Block PDFSPEC.
    If entry 4 is given, all these entries will be overridden.
  • Bug fixes for factors\neq 1 in the SM, scale choices
    of muR and muF within ggh@nnlo (minor effects on XS obtained
    with previous versions in case of muR\neq \muF),
    correction of upper cuts on p_T/eta (induces large
  • Cleanup of the code.
  • If SusHi needs to be compiled with additional compiler flags,
    you may provide them by typing "./configure F77FLAGS= ...".
  • cch production can be calculated in analogy to bbh production.
    For more details of this option get in contact with the authors.

2014.01.16: V 1.2.0: Implementation of different
ggh/bbh scales and more detailled VEGAS input. Output
of ggh@nnlo subprocesses.

  • SusHi allows the choice of different renormalization
    and factorization scales for ggh and bbh. Accordingly all
    example inputfiles are updated.
  • VEGAS parameters can be specified independently for
    the NLO SusHi calculations, the ggh@nnlo and bbh@nnlo calls.
  • Setting entry 20 of SUSHI to 10 the various subprocesses
    of ggh@nnlo are printed. Entry 19 allows to reduce the
    screen output of SusHi.
  • Cleanup of the Makefile and the code.

2013.09.27: V 1.1.1: Inclusion of a link to 2HDMC.
Support of FeynHiggs 2.9.5.

  • SusHi now contains a link to 2HDMC. For using it, please
    type "make predef=2HDMC" and run one of the input files
    "" provided in the "/example" folder.
    2HDMC - Two-Higgs-Doublet Model Calculator
    D. Eriksson, J. Rathsman, O. Stål
    Comput.Phys.Commun.181:189-205 (2010)
  • SusHi supports FeynHiggs 2.9.5. Please provide the
    FeynHiggs version in "FHVERSION" in the Makefile.
  • Added more warnings related to fixed order p_T distributions.

2013.04.30: V 1.1.0: Reorganization of the output.
Inclusion of a reference list. Correction of a bug in bottom-quark
annihilation. Expansion of counterterms of stop contributions
for heavy Higgs. Deletion of obsolete routines. Difference in
the Makefile. Input value of SM Higgs mass changed.

  • The output was reorganized. The input file is not simply attached,
    but completely reprocessed for the output file. In addition
    BLOCK SCALESOUT was replaced by BLOCK ALPHASOUT, which does
    not contain redundant information. The relevant SCALES can
    be found in the reprocessed input file. Moreover the output file
    contains a list of references to all relevant codes and formulas
    being input to SusHi for the specific run. Please cite the
    listed references.
  • Bug in the calculation of bottom-quark annihilation fixed.
    The old version was valid only for mu_F = mu_R.
  • Expansion of counterterms in mt for stop contributions in case of
    the heavy Higgs. Effects for very large gluino masses/
    very low SUSY spectrum (thanks to Emanuele Bagnaschi
    and Pietro Slavich).
  • Input value "1" in Block "MASS" changed to "25" for SM Higgs mass.
  • Some obsolete routines were deleted.
  • Difference in the Makefile:
    For linking SusHi to FeynHiggs type "make predef=FH"!

2013.04.02: V 1.0.6: Electroweak corrections for distributions added.
Extension of the electroweak grid. Certain distributions and cuts disabled
in case of numerical instabilities. Speed improvements by some percent.

  • Assuming complete factorization electroweak corrections
    by light quarks can now be added to gluon fusion distributions
    and cross sections with cuts.
  • The electroweak grid by light quarks is extended to Higgs
    masses between 20 GeV and 1.5 TeV.
  • Some combinations of cuts and distributions leading to
    numerical instabilities are not allowed anymore.
  • A bug in the call of PDF member sets different than 0 is corrected.
  • More efficient calls of dilogarithms lead to speed improvments
    of some percent.

2013.03.13: V 1.0.5: Significant speed improvements.
Changes in MSSM XS without FeynHiggs usage.

  • Significant speed improvements by 30-40 percent. Cross sections
    might be slightly different, but within the numerical error.
  • A bug in the calculation of MSSM cross sections without
    the usage of FeynHiggs (e.g. is corrected.
    Changes in XS mostly at permil level (except sin(2thetab)
    is small). (thanks to Alexandre Arbey)
  • For MSSM-SLHA input files and 2HDM input files the input
    value 26 in block "MASS" is changed to 35 for the heavy
    Higgs mass in accordance to SLHA standard.

2013.02.22: V 1.0.4: Differences in pt distributions.
Speed improvements. FeynHiggs input extended.

  • Different SUSY breaking masses and trilinear couplings
    for FeynHiggs can be specified.
  • The program prints an error when asked to calculate
    a pT-distribution at LO (in our notation NLO is the first order
    at which a nontrivial pT-distribution occurs).
  • When a pT-distribution is calculated, the renormalization and
    factorisation scale can now be set to "sqrt(mh^2+pT^2)"
    rather than "mh". Set Block "SCALES 3" to "1".
  • Improvements within the code and a new algorithm for the
    real dilogarithm (from HqT) shortens the running time slightly.

2013.02.08: V 1.0.3: 2HDM improvements.

  • 2-Higgs-Doublet-Model (2HDM) now in accordance
    to arXiv:1106.0034, Table 1+2 (=arXiv:1207.4835, Table 2+3).
    Different types can be distinguished by "Block 2HDM" in the
    input file "/example/". For SusHi it yields type I=III
    and II=IV, since the lepton couplings are irrelevant.
    Correction of bbh cross section for the 2HDM.
  • Initialization of PDFs optimized.

2013.01.30: V 1.0.2: 2HDM added. No changes in XS.

  • 2-Higgs-Doublet-Model (2HDM) added. Example input and
    output file in folder /example.
  • Example input and output file for mhmax scenario
    with LHC Higgs XS working group parameters added.
  • Heavy Higgs mass input parameter added
    (relevant for and
  • Compiler errors on some machines fixed.

2013.01.08: V 1.0.1: Minor changes.

  • Example output files added.
  • Correction of a reweighting factor for the sbottom NLO QCD
    contributions to pseudoscalar Higgs production in the MSSM,
    minimal effect.
  • Correction of PDF usage for LO gluon fusion cross section:
    If bbh was asked at higher order, the NLO/NNLO PDF set
    was used accidentially for the LO ggh cross section as well.
    Now the specified LO PDF set is used instead.

2012.12.14: V 1.0.0: Initial release.